Costumes Fit for a Queen

Hey Dolls,

So as my first Post here I wanted to write a follow up blog post from one I done a few years back on the fashion on The CWs show Reign. The costume team on this show really out do themselves. The show is a Historical Drama based around the life of Queen Mary of Scotland and her time in French Court. Now the show is very Historically inacturate and so to are the costumes however, I still love it none the less. The costume department, rather than using the structures of the 16th century court wear with the stiff frills and angular silhouettes, the costumes are an artist blend of modren and period. I serioulsy really just watch this show to stare at the amazing costumes. Throughout the seasons the costumes have just been getting better and better. They are to die for. So I thought I would share some of my favourite looks, mixed in with some portartaits of the actual ladies themselves.


Adelaide Kane as Queen Mary above Vs The real Queen Mary of Scots below in equaly stunning black gowns.




Queen Elizabeth I of England enters the game in season 3, played by Rachel Skarster. Looking Regal as Ever.



The real Elizabeth I rocking the 16th centuray version. Fancy colars and all.


Queen Mary of Scoots Vs Queen Elizabeth I

I love both of these gold dresses. Both represent the type of silioutes that were wore by High class Ladies at the time, yet they still have a modern twist.



Can we just have a moment to appreate how amazing Marys coronation dress is.





Uggh the details. I die.


This is one of my favourite Mary looks. The neck detailing on this dress is beautiful.



I hope you enjoyed this post.

till next time,

Em x.









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