Hey Dolls,

During the week I took a spontaneous trip up to Salem Ma. Salem has been on my bucket list for the longest time and I have finally got up there. Anyone who knows me, Know I am obsessed  with witches. I even took a module in Uni based on the history of them.

Salem is a beautiful city, of course it is very historic and the city itself represents that from its buildings and cobbled streets. The place looks like it was stopped it time, which I loved.

What to Do:  The Witch House- It is one of the only surviving houses left with ties to the witch trials. It was the house owned by Jonathan Corwin. The Corwin were among Salem’s wealthiest families. So the house shows how an upper class family lived at that time. Corwin himself was called upon to carry out examinations on accused witches and ultimately was responsible for sending 19 to the gallows. You can get Tours around the house learning about the puritan lifestyle at the time and also Jonathan’s role in the witch trials, Or you can go in and wander around the house by yourself.  Either way its an interesting place to check out and at only $10.50 entry fee it is rather inexpensive.

The Salem Witch Museum- Not your typical museum as I expected. Rather your brought into an auditorium where you all sit in the center and you go around the room listening to the story of the witch trails being told. Then when the first part is over you are taken to another part where you are given a guided tour about how the perception of whites has changed throughout history. Also you are told a bit about Wicca the pagan religion that witches follow still to this day. Well worth a trip it only takes an hour and also is only $10.50.

The Witch Shops- Salem has no shortages of witch shops along its main streets. Omen, Hex and Crows Haven Corner among the most popular.  In these shops you can find everything to satisfy the inner witch. You can get anything from beginners spells to candles, crystal balls, herbs and Voodoo dolls. While your in there why not get your tarot cards read.

Gallows Hill- Why not take a stroll out to gallows hill to see where the executions where carried out. Situated a mile from downtown Salem, it makes for a nice walk.

Tour of Salem at night: Why not experience Salem to the full and go on a walking tour at night. They have a good many to chose from. From Ghost tours to modern day witches tours theres something to suit everyone. The one we went on however was by a company called bewitched after dark. Where we where brought around by a local guide telling us all the history of Salem. For any History buff I would definitely recommend doing this one. The guide was so good and went into a good bit of detail surrounding the witch trails and the people that where sentenced to death. The tour was $20 and lasted two hours, so it was definitely worth it. Highly recommended doing it.

The Graveyard & the memorial- The graveyard is something that you must go in and take a look at. It is small in comparison to other graveyards but it is old and stepped in history. Many of the stones have been moved and lost so the bodies may no longer be under the correct stone. However in the graveyard they have some of the people that were involved in the witch trails. Such as Judge Hawthorn one of the main judges responsible for sending so many to the gallows. Across from the graveyard is the the memorial for all those who where accused of witch craft and sentenced to death. Because many of the victims did not get proper burials there is a bench for each of them with their name and the date of death. Its a lovely memorial and well worth checking out.

The Friendship – Salem wasn’t only famous for the witch trails but it was also a prominent ship port in its day. Being the first to open up trading routes with China. The Friendship is a ship that is docked in the harbor and it shows what the ships where like back then. There is also a lighthouse at the end of the pier. It makes for a nice walk if you run out of witchy things to do!

Where To Eat & Drink: Ye Old Tavern Pub- loved this place. Such nice interior which gives it a nice vibe. But Oh my lord they have probably the best fries ever. The food was very good. I had the O’Brady Chicken and I would defiantly recommend getting it. Had some pretty good pumpkin beer to!

Village Tavern- They have a really good selection of beers here. They even have Delirium which in my opinion is the best beer ever and pretty damn hard to find. It was $20 a bottle though so I would not recommend getting it.

Reds Sandwich shop- Oh my god best pancakes I have ever had. They where literately the size of my head. Very good breakfast spot. The diner itself looks like it belongs in the 80s absolutely loved it.

Alive cafe- Best coffee shop Ive been to in awhile. The ice in the ice coffee was actually frozen coffee. Honestly the best idea ever. All coffee is organic and brewed on the spot.

Murphys Bar- Went there for a few after the walking tour. A very locals bar but still fun. there was karaoke going on while we where there. Its built right beside the graveyard which is probably why we went there!

Where to Stay: We stayed at the Nathaniel Hawthorn Hotel. Which is this great old hotel right in the middle of everything. You don’t have far to walk to get to any of the main attractions. Also the beds are supper comfortable. Defiantly recommend staying here.


Well thats all I have to say about our trip to Salem. I really enjoyed my time here and will definitely being coming back again. I hope this post was helpful if you are planning a trip up to Salem. If you have any questions feel free to drop a comment.

Em x.


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