Travel Plans for 2016

Evening All,

I thought I would share with you guys my upcoming travel plans/goals for the next year.
First off I have a trip planned for February to New Orleans for the Mardi Gras Festival. This has been on my bucket list for a very long time so I am super excited to be finally going. I also have been wanting to go to Louisiana for awhile to check out the bayous and all the voodoo

Second Trip, which I don’t know if I would consider a trip of sorts. However, I will be moving back to Ireland in April. For those who don’t know I currently live in New York City. I am very excited to be moving back home, nevertheless it will be a very bittersweet time as I love living here in NYC.

Now for the BIG travel plans. These plans have been in the works since way back in October and they are now becoming a reality. One of my College friends and I, are traveling South East Asia for three months starting the end of April!!!! Ahhhh I just cannot wait. We are still figuring out routes and finalizing which countries we are definitely going to go to. But, so far we will be flying into Thailand’s capital Bangkok, then to Chaing Mai. Then cross the boarder into Laos, then Vietnam and then back into Thailand. Depending on the time frame we may also visit Cambodia and Bali. The route is still in the works so it all depends. We also have different places we want to visit in each country. But ahhh I am way to excited to embark on this journey.


When I return home in August, I will be moving back down to Galway City to start my Masters in Digital Media. Which I am beyond excited for (I defiantly will not being saying that come October when I’m up to my eyes in Uni work).

I also what to be able to get in a weekend trip to Scotland, which is a place I have never been to. I want to track the highland. Also I want to visit Iceland. Iceland has been a country very high on my bucket list for the longest time and I feel now that I will be back in Ireland I simply must visit her. The Northern Lights and the speculator landscape are the main reasons why I want to visit. I will probably visit Iceland the end of December early January of 2017 so it maybe the last country of 2016 or the start of my new journeys in 2017.

I hope you enjoyed my little post. Travel is something I absolutely loving doing. I find I get very restless if I stay in one place for to long. So I like to pick up and explore every so often. I will of course be vlogging my entire trips so make sure to keep an eye on my youtube channel here.
Also check out my recent trip to Boston here.

Till next time,

Em x.


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