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I am currently sitting in the hairdressers waiting for my highlights to set. What better way to spend this time than to write a post? I thought I’d do a little “currently” type post. I like seeing what people are reading/watching etc. So I thought why not share what I’m currently up to.

Reading: A Song of Ireland by Juilene Osborne-McKnight. It’s an Interesting read, it’s based on the Celtic myths of early Ireland, and the story surrounds all the ancient legends that you grew up hearing about( that is if you’re from Ireland of course). If you like a good Mythological story then I would recommend checking this book out.

Watching: Shadowhunters, which is a show on Netflix. The story is based on the series The Mortal Instruments which I absolutely loved. They made a movie out of the first book which was so bad I couldn’t finish watching it. However, the show stays true the book and the casting is just so much better than then film. If you are a fan of the series then I would definitely recommend watching it. The first season just finished up. I’d give it 3 1/2 stars out of 5

Seen: I went to the cinema over the weekend and seen The Huntsman: Winters War. I loved the costume design with this film it was stunning, and watching Chris Hemsworth for an hour and a half wasn’t a bad way to spend Sunday evening. Saying that I actually didn’t like the film, I found it a little dull and lacking a direction. Wouldn’t recommend seeing it in the cinema, wait until you can catch it online.

Snapchatter: the High on life boys, who are currently traveling around the USA in an RV or as they call her Trailor Swift! They are hilarious and are always getting up to awesome activities. Their snap name is- sundayfundayz and if you haven’t already check out their YouTube channel High on Life.

Till next time,

Em X.





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