Weekend Getaway- Lake Bled


Hope you are all enjoying your Sunday afternoon. Today I thought I’d share a weekend getaway destination that isn’t well known by the general masses. Therefore the perfect place to relax and unwind, also to get up to some extreme sports if thats what you’re into!

Lake Bled- Slovenia

If you haven’t got this place on your travel bucket list then there is something seriously wrong with you! I have been many different places and this town has remained one of my favorites. It is situated an hour outside Slovenia’s capital Ljubljana. They have buses running every hour or so. The town Bled is at the foothills of the Juilan Mountains, and the town is situated around the most breathtaking glacial lake. In the middle of the lake is a small island where the church of the Assumption of Maria is situated. While you are there why not take a row boat out and climb the many steps up to the church.

There really is not shortage of things to do in this town, you can go tobogganing down a massive hill, walk along the entire lake and make sure to stop for a swim. A twenty minute walk from bled will see you at Vintgar gorge. Which is not to be missed the views are stunning. For the more adrenal junkie they have every Watersport you could think of, from white water rafting to Canyoning. However, nothing can beat the hikes you can take all around the area. We also took a train from bled station to Venice for the day which you could also do if you have the time.


The Gorge


Also this is the famous Bled cake, which is amazing. Make sure to try some if you’re there.


Hope you enjoyed this type of post, if you have been to lake Bled let me know what you thought of it?

Till next time,

Em x




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