Hoi An

Morning All,

Hoi An is always on the list for people traveling Vietnam. It is famous for getting tailor-made clothes for super cheap. The old town Hoi An is another world heritage site and it is easy to see why. Its streets are lined with the cutest yellow wash buildings with blue doors. There are many little arty stores within the town as well as coffee shops, restaurants, and of course tailors. It is also famous for its lanterns. Once every month around the full moon, the old town shuts of its electricity and the whole place is lit up using lanterns.


Where we stayed:

Little Leo Homestay- Okay so I did like this place but, we had a few issues. First, we stayed in the back of the building where there was a rooster just outside. It decided to crow for almost two hours in the middle of the night. Which as you can imagine drove us crazy. We asked to move to the front which wasn’t a problem, and we didn’t hear anything from the rooster after that. The only other issue with the place was it was a good 15-minute walk to the old town. However, the place rented bikes for free so we just ended up cycling everywhere. The breakfast here was pretty good. If you do stay make sure to get the banana pancake.


Things we did:

The Old Town- Definitely take a day to wander around the old town and check out all the cool stores. We wandered around the main part one day and then cycled around it and further out another day. It is so pretty, make sure to bring your camera as the walls and doors are perfect photo opts.

An Bang Beach- Take the bikes and go out to the beach for the day. This was one of the nicest beaches I was on during my travels. I am very fussy when it comes to a good beach. Anyways what better way to spend the day then chilling at the beach. We went to the beach twice while we were there. I also spent my birthday there yay! Also, the cycle out to the beach is gorgeous. Basically all rice fields, and the locals working away. I also seen a man just chilling on top of his cow on the side of the road. Almost drove into the field looking at him.

The Japanese Covered Bridge- Doesn’t take long to check out this bridge in the old town. Walk over on to the other side where there are plenty of cute stores.

Rent a Bike- I’ve already talked a good bit on bikes. But take a bike and just cycle around the surrounding area. It really is very beautiful and definitely gives you a taste for the more traditional Vietnam. Or rent a scooter and drive to the near by villages. Da Nang is only 30 minutes away why not check it out for a few hours.

Hoi An Market- Of corse, no trip would be complete without checking out the market! This market was very good. It is full of lanterns, which is what Hoi an is famous for (other than tailors of course). I bought my lantern here for less than $4. I brought it all around South East Asia with me and it miraculously made it back in one piece. Greatest achievement to date.


Other things to do: 

Tailors- We were going to get clothes made. Until we decided to go to Bali and Singapore instead of Cambodia. So we said we’d save our money. However, a lot of people do come to Hoi An to get stuff made and it is very cheep. If you have the money it’s defiantly something I would recommend doing. There is no shortage of Tailors but make sure to do your research on it. Also, make sure to ask the people where you are staying if they know a good place. They are happy to help.

Cooking class- We had done a cooking class in Thailand and had wanted to do one in Vietnam as well. But, for some reason never got round it doing one. There were a few schools in Hoi an and I would say it would be one of the best places to do one. I really wish we had. Just another reason to go back I suppose!

Food & Drink:

Fusion- I would highly recommend this place for dinner. If you fancy a bit of western food go here. Their veggie burger was amazing. They also did possibly the best passionfruit mojitos. We loved it so much we went back.

Minh Hien Vegetarian Restaurant- This place does the best vegetarian Vietnamese food. The Pho was great! And very cheep.


The backpackers bar– Pretty hopping bar and cheep drinks. Anywhere along that strip is pretty good to grab a few drinks.

That is it on what we got up to in Hoi An. It was defiantly a favorite of mine. We ended up staying a lot longer than expected. I think it was five days, which you might have to spend there anyway if you plan on getting some clothes made.


Terribly blurry photo, but I was on a bike and the guy was sitting on a cow I had to include it!

Till next time,



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