Nha Trang

Hello there,

So we landed in Nha Trang at five in the morning thanks to our sleeper bus. Yes, we took a sleeper bus, which I know we said we were against. However, there was no other way to get out of Hoi An, other than taking them dreaded buses. Thank god though we were able to check into our hostel at that time in the morning and get a bit more sleep.

Most people skip Na Trang if they are running out of time which is fair as there isn’t a lot to do there. But, if you have the time, I would suggest making a stop there for a night or so.


Where we stayed:
iHome- If you are looking for a hostel in Nha Trang just go here. It was the best hostel for meeting people. They have a rooftop bar and the bartender gets everyone talking to each other. You’ll end up all going out together in one big group. The staff are really helpful and friendly, the location is great and the rooms are clean. Can’t ask for much more when it comes to hostels.

Things we did:
Mud Baths- There are a few good places where you can take mud baths. We ended up going to a place the hostel recommend. Which was a great way to just chill out for a few hours!


The Beach- I actually didn’t like the beach, I found it very dirty. We only ended up staying on it for an hour. However, we did hear there were nicer areas further up.

Po Nagar Cham Towers- This is a pretty cool temple. I believe it is a Hindu temple even though Vietnam is predominately Buddhist. It is defiantly worth a visit, not your average temple. We spent ages there sitting on a bench watching people take selfies. It truly was the most entertaining thing to do. People love their selfies.


Food & Drink:

Lanterns- This restaurant was amazing. The food was incredible and so cheap for what you get. If you plan on going there get there early as a queue can form. Yeah, it’s that good!

One Coffee- It has great coffee and good food. We went there a bit too much.

Why not Bar- The bar you will probably go to if you are going out with the iHome gang.

That is it from Nha Trang. We really had a great time there and I do recommend adding it to the list.


Till next time,

Em x


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