Ho Chi Minh City


Back with my last installment of Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh AKA Saigon. I absolutely loved this city. The shopping is amazing. They have some great boutiques at very reasonable prices. The dream would be to come back when I have money to spend and just spend my time shopping.
If you are into learning more about the Vietnam war then this city has got you covered.

Getting around they have Uber, which is basically the best invention ever. So I would totally recommend getting an uber rather than taxis.


On a side note before we get into the post. Everyone had said to make sure you keep a close eye on your bag when you are out and about in Saigon. Which is true for everywhere you go. However, there is a higher crime rate in this city than the rest of Vietnam and we got a first-hand experience. So, we were in district ten (Saigon is split into districts) and yes I also am thinking about the hunger games. Anyways, I had my phone in my hand about to request an uber. We were about to cross this side street when two men drove past on a scooter and the guy on the back grabs onto my phone. Only for I had a good grip on my phone, it would be gone. He did pull on it, but I had a quick reflex to grab onto it with me second hand. After that, we definitely kept a tighter grip on our bags.


Where we stayed:

The Hideout- A massive party hostel in the middle of District one. The hostel was in a perfect location but wasn’t the cleanest. We stayed here for two nights and moved on.

CK Saigon- Not that far from the last hostel we stayed in. The beds were so hard and made it very uncomfortable to sleep. Not to mention the rooms were so cramped. Would defiantly not recommend staying here.


Things we did:

Shopping- I loved Saigon for shopping. Everything was so cheap compared to back home. There are a few different types of shopping experiences to be had in Saigon.
The Ben Thann Market- It is the typical indoor market that you have in many other cities around South East Asia. Good for picking up trinkets and stocking up on Vietnamese coffee.
Vincom Center- This is a luxury shopping mall situated in District 1. Here is where you will find the likes of Zara, Mango, and the bigger brand names.
Nguyen Trai street- This street is full of really nice boutiques. Some of my favorites were Tinfour clothing and Tu by Catu. This street is defiantly worth checking out.

The War Remnants museum- Great way to spend the afternoon. The museum itself is very informative about the war and everything that happened surrounding that time. They do have horrible photos of people that were affected by Orange agent and also a weird tube filled with unborn babies that died again due to the affects agent orange. It can be rather disturbing.
There are mock jail cells built outside, which shows you how POWs were kept and treated during the war. Plus a few planes and tanks left behind by the Americans.

Chu Chi Tunnels- Another attraction surrounding the war. The tunnels were used by the Vietnamese to hide from the Americans. Chu Chi is about a two-hour drive outside of the city. The tunnels themselves are interesting to see, however, I didn’t particularly enjoy the tour. First, they show you the original entrance of the tunnels, which you can hop in and try out if you like. Then they show you the traps they used to leave for the American soldiers, which are horrific. Very medieval in my opinion.
There is also a shooting range where you can fire machine guns. Though they do charge you per bullet. If you don’t fancy shooting, you still have to wait around till those in your group are finished and it is very loud. Finally, you then get to walk (crawl) through the tunnel. They have an exit every ten meters though in case you have had enough. After all that you then watch a short film, which is terrible quality and extremely anti-American. So unless you are really interested in seeing the tunnels I wouldn’t recommend going to them.

Food & Drink:

Healthy Farm- This was the coolest experience. This was a Vegan fast food type place. Basically, you pick up a little shopping basket and you pick out the fresh veg that you want, then the noodles and either some tofu or other types of ‘vegetarian meat’. Then they cook it all for you in a stir fry. The food was so tasty. Would really recommend going here for dinner.

Secret Garden- A more upscale rooftop restaurant. Very cute space and great food.

Smoothie Factory- Right by our hostel. Perfect pick me up in the mornings. The Energizer and After Workout are pretty damn good.

Acoustic Bar– Into live music? Then defiantly drop by this place. It is more of a local spot but it makes for a great evening.

Sky Bar– Rooftop bar where you can take in the skyline of the city while enjoying a cocktail. There passionfruit mojitos are good.



That is it for what we got up to in Saigon. I will definitely be back.

Till next time,

Em x.


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