My Top 5 Tips for Uni


So, it is that time of year again where summer is over and everyone is heading back to school and uni. I loved my experience in Uni. I loved everything I studied. I was so passionate about everything I studied. Especially history. Honestly, just ask my friends I was non-stop yapping about what I had learned that day. They were sick of hearing about German history and Fantasy novels (yeah I got to study that) by the end of the last year! However, I am well aware of how stressful Uni can get. Especially final year. So I thought I would share some of my tips on how I got through my college years.

(I) Set Targets- What I mean by this is say you have assignments due or certain reading before a lecture you need to get done. Set yourself a deadline ‘target’ date. Always stay a week ahead of your workload. Trust me it is so much easier on yourself if you have everything done a few days before it is actually due. That way if you are not happy with the way it has turned out or you don’t understand something, it gives you time to make changes and you are not panicing. The main goal is to be completely happy with the work you are producing. You do not want to have to be racing to get an assignment in, a few hours before its due to be submitted. You will not be happy with what you have produced. It really does take away so much unnecessary stress.

(II) Have a cutoff point- Where you stop working and just go home. Mine was 7pm. I rarely ever stayed in the library past 7. I was there around 8:30am and I felt that was enough time for me to get shit done. Studying all the time is not good for you physical and mental health. There comes a time where stuff stops going in and you focus is not where it should be. You are not doing yourself any favours by over working yourself. So do set a cutoff point.

(III) Take time for you- Sounds cheesy but seriously it is important like I said above for your physical and mental health. Even if its just 30 minutes of doing something you enjoy. it could be the gym, cooking, yoga or acting class. Whatever it is dedicated time for an outlet. Remember everything doesn’t revolve around Uni. Having, this time will help you relieve some stress from your workload.  I would recommend yoga or boxing.

(IV) Read Read Read- Read EVERYTHING on your recommended reading lists. It helps you out so much in class, assignments, and exams. If you read recommend readings for each lecture as it comes (and take notes) then it takes a lot of pressure off you when it comes to writing an essay or studying because you will have already read everything. And it will have been explained in lectures so you will be able to understand it better having the readings to back you up. Plus if lecturers see you’ve read the readings they have assigned you’re almost guaranteed a higher mark.

(V) Your Diet- Belive it or not your diet affects everything you do. One time after the Christmas exams I got extremely sick because I hadn’t been eating properly. I learned from that mistake and made sure I was eating proper meals three times a day. I made my own lunches and took them to college with me. Also to drink loads of water. I was lucky that I got sick after my exams and not during. All I will say is make sure to look after yourself, even though you are stressed and feel as though you don’t have time to be cooking. get up that extra half an hour. It does affect you and your performance.



(it is all totally worth it for them hats in the air snaps tehe)

That is my five tips for uni. I am actually returning to Uni to do my masters (which is why I felt inspired to write this post). I have taken a two-year gap from my undergrad. So I am a bit nervous about getting back into it. So best of luck to everyone going back or starting. It will be an amazing experience no doubt.

Till next time,

Em, X.


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