Hope everyone had an awesome Halloween. I have been away from blogging for yet another month. In my defense, University is attempting very hard to drown me. However, I desperately want to finish my posts on my recent backpacking trip around South East Asia. So, I am back to talk about a new country which is Indonesia, and more specifically Bali.

My last post Top five things to know when visiting Bali, which you can read here. Talks about what I thought about Bali and things I wish I knew before I arrived. This post will focus on Seminyak in particular. When planning to go to Bali we heard that Kuta and Seminyak were very popular destinations. However, we heard that Kuta was basically a Magaluf for Ozzie’s which we didn’t really want, so we decided to skip it and go straight to Seminyak.

Where we stayed- Capsule Hotel Bali- Not sure why it is called a hotel because it is a hostel. It was one of the cheaper ones at $10 a night. It was a fine hostel. Close enough to everything. Well as close as one can get. Seminyak, like all of Bali, isn’t a walking place. Bikes are needed. it was clean and they had them boxed beds which are my favorite when staying in a hostel.

Where to eat-

Moonlight Cafe- Right next door to the hostel. Very good for breakfast. We went a few times. The scrambled egg sandwich was amazing!

The Spicy Coconut- This is an example of Instagram doing wonders as a marketing platform. I saw this vegan cafe pop up on Instagram before coming to Bali and knew we had to try it out. Possibly the most instagrammable breakfast ever. I had the coconut pancakes, highly recommend them ❤


The coffee library- Great place for breakfast/lunch, the food is amazing and so is the coffee!

Potato head- This is a very famous beach club, which you have probably heard of before. We headed there for a cocktail, just to try the place out. I got the mojito special which came with cream on top, surprisingly nice. Quite expensive though if you are on the backpackers budget. If you are not, then go there during the day, it looks like a day well spent.

La Plancha- It’s the bar on the beach with all the colorful umbrellas. There are loads of bars on the beach with umbrellas but this is the best. They have a great cocktail list and it is also another Instagram-worthy spot!


Things to do:

The Beaches- Bali is known for its amazing beaches. There are many different bars dotted along the beach along with some pretty cool looking beach clubs. Such as Potato head which I mentioned above.

Surfing Lesson- Indonesia boasts some of the best waves for surfers. If you are a beginner then the waves around Seminyak aren’t as huge as the ones in say Uluwatu. So why not take some surf lessons. We priced them and if I remember correctly it was $25.

Shopping- Would it really be a guide written by me if I didn’t mention shopping? Seminyak is defiantly a great spot for shopping. They have the most beautiful boutiques. However, most of them have a very beach style to the clothing. Which isn’t great for the lovely Irish climate. Also, the clothes were quite expensive compared to Vietnam. For a backpacker budget of course. If I was on vacation there(& lived in a sunnier spot) I would need another suitcase coming home.



That is it for my input on Seminyak. Next up is my guide to Ubud. Which I cannot wait to write up. We had the most chill week just eating Veggie food and doing yoga. I need to go back!


Till next time,

Em, X.


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